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Main course A, Term 3 commences on Saturday, July 8 2017 for A1 and A2 and on Wednesday, July 12 for A3. Learn more.
One Day Workshop # 4 August 6, 2017
Our next One Day Workshop is on August 6, 2017, from 9am – 4pm. Learn more.

Winter Teaching at Kagyu Evam Buddhist Institute

Each year, Ekai Osho teaches at Kagyu Evan Buddhist Institute in July. This year, he will be teaching on:

Your Very Mind is Buddha (Soku Shin Ze Butsu)

In this chapter of Shobogenzo, Zen Master Dogen makes clear that the saying Your very mind is Buddha is addressed to one who has already given rise to the intention to train and reach Buddhahood. Ekai Osho will address that mind in this series of talks at E-Vam Institute on Friday nights in July.

When: Fridays 7, 14, 21, 28 July at 7.30pm
Contact: E-Vam Institute Office (03) 9387 0422