Temple is the timeless space where our practice originates and continues forever.
Ekai Korematsu Osho, 
Abbot and Resident Teacher

Jikishoan is a not-for-profit organisation.

Our vision is to offer transformative Buddhist learning, experience and cultivation for everyone.

In line with this our primary aim is:

To promote the teachings, practice and realisation of Shakyamuni Buddha in Australia for the benefit of all.

In June 2013 a Building Project Team of Jikishoan was established. It came about with the dream of having a temple, a home for the Jikishoan Community. Over the past 15 years Jikishoan has built a virtual temple with its members and the people who practise with the Community. There have been two goals, to build a spiritual temple in terms of our people and, in the longer term, to have a physical presence by owning our own property. A permanent physical space of our own will be a sustainable support for our practice. As a result of the work of the Building Project Team it has been determined that buying a house for this purpose is now a viable proposition and we now need to move into the implementation phase of this project. We are aiming to purchase a house in Heidelberg West within the next 6 months. (The location was chosen because of the area’s affordability and proximity to our Teacher’s home).

How can you help?
You can help Jikishoan Community and our Abbot achieve our project by making tax deductible donations. Receipts will be issued for all donations to the building fund which has tax deductible status.

For more information, email contact@jikishoan.org.au