You are invited to participate in the Zen and Integrated Buddhist Studies program (IBS), which is entering it’s 8th year in 2017.

The IBS Outline explains the three courses which form the IBS program: Course A, Course B and Course C.

Usually a new student begins with Course A, enrolling in a term, or for an entire year. However, if you are already a member of Jikishoan or have previously been an IBS student, you may apply to enrol either formally, or informally as a nominal or non-credit student in Course A, B or C.

See the Outline for more information.

Apply online.

Main Course A (MCA) is a vital base where transformative learning, experience and cultivation takes place.

Term 4, 2017 commences on Saturday, September 30 for A1 and A2 and on Wednesday, October 4 for A3.

You may apply on-line.

For more details, contact Katherine Yeo, MCA Coordinator, 0422 407 870 or e-mail