Fearless Woman 9-week online program

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Fearless Woman: the most effective way to experiencing more joy every day.

9-week online program.

I’ve developed a signature methodology to help women 45-65 years young experiencing exhaustion, anxiety and confusion transform their lives so they can have more energy, confidence and joy. The purpose of this twelve-week program is that you have the confidence to live empowered and inspired life, your way.

Here’s what you will walk away with at the end of the program:

1. More energy, vitality and passion

2. Confidence to live the life you desire

3. Mindfulness and meditation techniques to promote clarity and calm

4. Ways to reset and replenish your mindset to support inner transformation

5. A holistic approach to living life with power and passion.

See the program PDF for more information.

***This is a pilot program. The participant will be required to provide weekly feedback and a testimonial at the end of program. The usual cost for this package is $2447. Course must start by 30 May 2022.

Program created and delivered by Dr Lee-Anne Armitage, Acupuncturist & Wellness Coach.

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