Membership benefits

  • Members support Jikishoan’s Aims and Objectives as set out in the Rules of Association. Members have full voting rights and may nominate for election to the Jikishoan Committee.
  • Members are encouraged to become part of a ryo group (small working groups) in the kitchen, meditation hall, reception desk and study hall.
  • Members are able to participate in all Jikishoan acivities and receive fee reductions for retreats, workshops and courses.
  • Members receive Myoju (the quarterly Jikishoan magazine), as well as the teaching program, brochures and other information about community events and activities.

Membership categories

Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community offers different levels of membership for those interested in supporting the practice of Zen Buddhism in Australia with Ekai Korematsu Osho.
There are four membership categories:
    • Practice Member
    • Associate Member
    • Ordained Member
  • Honorary Member.
The Ordained Member category is reserved for members of Jikishoan who have taken the sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts, Kesaya and Oryoki, given by Jikishoan’s main teacher or abbot to the novice monk or lay teacher trainee.
The Honorary Member category is reserved for Jikishoan’s main teacher or Abbot.
Members and non-members are all able to attend Jikishoan’s activities and public events. Please contact Jikishoan if you have any questions about becoming a member of Jikishoan.

Making an application

To be eligible for membership:

  1. Complete an Integrated Buddhist Studies course or participate in twelve Sanzenkai sessions. Ekai Osho may also recommend membership.
  2. Meet with a member of the Jikishoan Committee who will discuss Jikishoan’s Aims and Objectives with you and explain how the community functions.
  3. Complete a Membership Application Form and give to the Committee member at the time of your meeting.

Next steps:

  • The Committee member will forward your application to Committee for consideration at the next Committee meeting.
  • Applicants will be advised of the outcome and, if approved, invited to pay the relevant annual subscription fee.
  • On receipt of the annual subscription fee, your name will be entered into the membership register and will also be published in the next issue of the Jikishoan’s quarterly magazine, Myoju.

 Membership Fee Schedule

    • Membership Entry Fee: $70 one off
    • Practice Member Subscription: $140 per year
    • Associate Member Subscription: $70 per year
  • Ordained Member Subscription:  $210 per year

To maintain membership, subscription must be renewed by 30 June of each year.

For information regarding the membership categories, please refer to Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community Rules of Incorporation.

Membership Information

Membership Application Form

Jikishoan’s Aims and Objectives

Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community Rules of Incorporation