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Vision for your Participation

To enrich your study and practice, the Integrated Buddhist Studies program encourages you to cultivate your own vision & purpose when you pursue the course work, alongside our common vision, which is “To offer transformative Buddhist learning, experience and cultivation for everyone”.

Course Options

Course A (Root)

Main Course A is essential for any individual regardless of their prior experience, and is a prerequisite for Course B and C. Particularly, if you are new, you must start from this course except for a Jikishoan member, or an IBS student who has finished 1 term in A class curriculum, or previously attended a Bendoho Retreat for a minimum of 7 days, or 3 x One Day Workshops.


$685 One full year – 4 terms OR $215 One term 10 classes OR $120  5 classes.

$115 for each One Day Workshop.


Course B (Stem)

Main Course B is for a student who wants to train in Ryo practice and study in the Mahayana tradition at weekly Sanzen-kai with a Teacher and a Sangha. Anyone can attend Sanzen-kai. However, this course enrolment provides a supportive structure and an environment for Zen education and training in community level practice. Integration with Course A and C curriculum helps to bring meditation into life.


$310 One full year – 2 semesters OR $215 One semester – 6 months


Course C (Flower)

Main Course C is retreat-based and intended for students who pursue curriculum and training in Soto Zen Buddhism for a period of 3 years. However, a student may enrol in this course by year if this suits better. It emphasises methods and teachings of the two Zen Masters: Dogen Zenji and Keizan Zenji. A face to face interview with the Teacher is a prerequisite for Course C enrolment.


$1,770 – 3 retreats Tuition [KC] OR $1,175 – 2 retreats base [CY] OR $686 – One 7-day retreat with Online 5 weeks [C] OR $625 per retreat [R] OR $225/retreat 5 weeks- Online retreat [RO

Alternative Participation for returning students and members

Qualifying students/members may participate in the above courses as a nominal (33% attendance) or non-credit (casual attendance).

To qualify for Nominal registration, you must attend a minimum of 33% & submit an attendance plan for either:

  • Course A term
  • Course B semester, or
  • Course C retreat.


• Non-credit student: $115 Admission fee only
• Nominal student: $115 Admission fee plus Individual Attendance Plan [IAP] for [A] and [B] or Individual Training Plan [ITP] for [C].


Accreditation assessment is primarily based on successful attendance in the Main Course Program (Jikishoan IBS Program Outline 2021).

Attendance Certificate: A student receives credit units for their attendance hours. Upon request, Jikishoan will issue an Attendance Certificate to a student at any point he/she earns above 80 student hours. One unit comprises 10 student hours.

Course Certificate: A certificate may be awarded to a student who has earned above 3 course units and has successfully completed curriculum-based training, projects and integrated study.

Teacher Training

  • Student-Teacher Training Program Certificate may be awarded for students who complete three years of training within the Main Course program under the main teacher’s guidance. Requirements: above 108 course units, 5 formal practice periods, and independent projects.
  • Assistant Teacher Training: Internship training is reserved for lay ordained students who have completed post-Shuso training under the Main Teacher’s guidance. Criteria: minimum of 108 course units, IBS (5 years), 5 practice periods, and independent projects.
  • Assistant Teacher Certificate: A Internship training position (Student-teacher Training), to become an Assistant Teacher, may be offered to a Student-Teacher and or a monastic who completes Head Student training and earns above 324 attendance credit units.

Refund Policy

Admission and tuition fees are non-refundable. However, if Jikishoan determines that due to extraordinary circumstances a student can no longer continue his/her course work, the remaining balance of the Main Course tuition paid may be credited for re-enrolment in the following year.