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The following is an excerpt from this issue:


“Summer has come to an end and you can feel the change – change in the climate, in the season. This time of year is usually very comfortable and a good season for our practice.
A good season for our practice means that we can enjoy ourselves. The practice of meditation doesn‘t necessarily mean you enjoy it every time you sit down and meditate.
Sometimes you have got to work, the conditions can be a problem, there can be a lot of trouble for the body and mind to function harmoniously, in balance. Our surroundings are like this, everything effects our body and our mind, when it comes to Summer we appreciate it. Some seasons, especially toward the equinox (Winter to Spring too) are very conducive to practising Buddhism, practising the Buddha way. Conducive because everything is coming to a sort of balance. Buddhism is the teaching of this balance – hot and cold, right and wrong, good and bad, everything starts to balance. Finding the equilibrium, zero point. It‘s not a date, it‘s not closed, don‘t misunderstand the zero point! It is an equation, do you know what an equation is? This is a very, very basic point that Buddhism emphasises, the same as sunyata (emptiness). It‘s all about this, everything comes to this equation of plus, minus, zero. Everything is upheld, held alive in this way, it‘s not dead!…” (Continued on page 1)

Jikishoan Tokozan