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Welcome to the Summer issue of Myoju, which is the last in the series on Dreams and Visions with the theme Returning. In this issue we conclude the series of Dharma Talks by Ekai Osho on Dogen Zenji’s text Muchu Setsumu. As returning is both an end and a beginning, we also present the first in a series of lectures by the great teacher and founder of Jikishoan, Ikko Narasaki Roshi.

In this issue we also include a Student Talk by James Watt, which describes how his practice as Jikishoan’s Tenzo informs his work in the field of palliative care nursing. Marisha Rothman gives us a glimpse into her experience as Shu Ryo Co-ordinator during Bendoho Retreat #55, how letting go and returning to the immediacy of our practice can illuminate the hidden beauty of all we encounter.

The cover image was taken by Jim Holden during his recent pilgrimage to Japan to pay homage to Ryokan Zenji, the great Zen monk and poet. It reminds us that to go forward on this path there must also be constant return to the source of our practice: our lineage and the great teachers who have gone before.

In this spirit of this I would like to thank Robin Laurie who has mentored me throughout the process of coordinating this issue of Myoju, my first in the role. Her generosity, patience and support has enabled me to learn with confidence and joy. I look forward to the road ahead. 

Jessica Cummins

On behalf of Ekai Korematsu Osho—Editor

and the Jikishoan Publications Committee

Tokozan Jikishoan