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Welcome to the myoju-dec-2018 with the theme: ‘Lineage: returning to source’, our final in the series.Ekai Osho is a bearer of the Soto Zen Buddhist lineage to Australia, a gift that as a community we are blessed to receive. Central to Ekai Osho’s unique vision is the adaptation of monastic practice into the lay context.

Our work as a community is to actualize the forms, teachings and spirit of the lineage; both formally and informally and in our daily lives. In his dharma talk in this issue, Ekai Osho uses a beautiful metaphor of weaving to describe our way, as a dynamic interplay between monastic and lay practice. As the weft, we weave our lives around the verticality and strength of the lineage – the warp – in a dynamic and endless return to source. The cloth that we make is the community of Jikishoan, one that we hope is both ‘pretty and useful’, to us and all those we serve.

This is the final issue of the year, a big thank you and gassho to all the contributors and to Ekai Osho, for providing the endlessly challenging and rewarding practice that is Myoju.

Jessica Zuiho Cummins
On behalf of Ekai Korematsu Osho—Editor
and the Jikishoan Publications Committee

Tokozan Jikishoan