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The following is an excerpt from this issue:

Does anybody know the story about Buddha’s Enlightenment – his enlightenment experience and particularly his experiences immediately prior to enlightenment?

Buddha is supposed to have sat intensely under the Bodhi Tree for seven days. His enlightenment experience was on the seventh day and there is a story related to the night before – and the very early morning of – the seventh day of sitting. There was a process leading up to the point of Buddha’s enlightenment.

In ancient times, evening sitting was divided into three sections – the earlier night, then midnight, then later night. You may say these are the three night watches. The story about Buddha’s enlightenment – how it happened – refers to those three night watches.

The first night watch is an important part. This part of Buddha’s sitting is a part we can all relate to…(Continued on page 1.)

Jikishoan Tokozan