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Theme—Contribution: Attachment and Non-Gaining

In life’s grand tapestry, the theme of contribution enriches our very essence. Through it, we find a delicate balance be-tween attachment and non-gaining. 

Attachment, a natural inclination, often blinds us to the beauty of giving. The pur-suit of possessions can imprison us in desire’scycle, leaving us unsatisfied. Shifting from acquiring to contributing unlocks profound fulfillment. Sharing our time, knowledge, or resources frees us from attachment, embracing purpose. 

Non-gaining isn’t about renouncing ambi-tion but realising wealth lies in giving, not accumulating. When we give, we receive in the richness of hearts and souls, not material possessions. 

‘Contribution’ has been the chosen theme for Jikishoan in 2023, representing the cur-rency of kindness and an investment in a better world. It goes beyond selfishness, nurturing connections and fostering com-passion, creating a lasting legacy that reso-nates through the lives it touches. 

Let us gracefully move to the harmonious rhythm of contribution. In giving, we discover receiving, and in selflessness, we find the path to enduring fulfillment. 

Ekai Korematsu—Editor

Tokozan Jikishoan