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Welcome to this Winter edition of Myoju with the theme ‘The Practice of Compassion’. The days are short, the nights are long and the air is cold; a perfect time for going inside.

Ekai Osho’s Dharma talk emphasises the need for both study and training to cultivate compassion in action in the world. He says, ‘Settling down to original nature is a good thing. You still have to stand up and go outside and speak to others.’

Seishin Nicholl’s and Naomi Richard’s articles both comment on how compassion can sometimes be expressed in ways that are unexpected or apparently strange. Azhar Abidi, who was the Myoju Co-ordinator for the past five issues, notes in his student talk the necessity of compassion for oneself.

Ekai Osho has spoken of Lineage as the theme for Jikishoan in 2015. It is a great pleasure to have Seishin’s article as she edited the first issue of Myoju in Spring 2000. Christine Maingard and Karen Threlfall, both previous coordinators, have been active with this issue. So the Myoju lineage is very present in these pages.

This is my first issue as Myoju Co-ordinator. I would like to thank Ekai Osho and the Editorial Committee for their support and encouragement, Jikishoan members and friends for their contributions, and the printer for his careful attention.

Robin Laurie

On behalf of Ekai Korematsu Osho and the Jikishoan Publications Committee.


Tokozan Jikishoan