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Each Friday in July from 7.30pm, at Evam Institute

The four activities of a Bodhisattva are also known as the four wisdoms – Giving, Kind Speech, Kind Actions and Empathy for all sentient beings – the four ways Buddhas conduct themselves.

Our aspiration to practise the Buddha way, has benefits for both ourselves and others. In looking after yourself, you are also taking care of all sentient beings. Regardless of ones own condition – you are also caring for all beings by engaging in these practices. Therefore we must give without looking for reward or acknowledgment. Not having desire for reward or expectations is in itself giving to others.

Over four Friday’s in July, Ekai Korematsu Roshi will discuss how one can practise these four wisdoms in everyday life with reference to chapter 46 of Zen Master Dogen’s Shobogenzo, entitled ‘Bodaisatta Shishobo’ (On the Four Exemplary Acts of a Bodhisattva). Copies of the text will be provided.

Bookings and enquiries can be made by contacting us on the button below or phoning the E-Vam office on (03) 9387 0422 during opening hours.

Tokozan Jikishoan