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The following is an excerpt from this issue:

If there is a cause, there is a consequence. If we talk about karma in terms of cause and effect, anything we do, even moving an object from here to here, has a consequence. That understanding is the entrance to the Buddhist Way. An understanding of cause and effect is very important, it is the first thing we need to learn. Anything that has a life has a karma action, so cause and effect is of prime importance.

Karma is created in three different ways: one aspect is karma created by body actions and this is the most effective aspect; the second one is speech; and the third way is consciousness, thinking, and this doesn’t have a strong consequence. Thinking alone is almost nothing, like bubbles; but, when it takes the form of speech, it creates a more powerful consequence; and, when it takes the form of physical action, it becomes even more powerful. If you become upset with someone, you might think ‘I don’t like that person,’ and if you say to them, ‘I don’t like you,’ that gives a very powerful kind of consequence. But the consequence is more powerful still when you act on it: ‘I hate you! I am going to hit you!’—the impact is different…(Continued on page 1.)

Jikishoan Tokozan