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The following is an excerpt from this issue:

Thank you very much for coming to sit in this group, in this format. Each person’s presence is a support to one another— each person. This is the nature of Zen practice, this format: without thinking about it, being here and practising, making an effort to settle down and, together with everybody else, naturally supporting and supported; and that is the beautiful part of Zen practice. It’s so beautiful because you don’t know whether you are supporting or not, or whether you’re supported or not [laughs].

You’re still making an effort. That is the perfect practice. If you have the slightest idea ‘I am supporting somebody being here’, then it’s not so beautiful [laughs]. But if you don’t have any idea that you’re supporting or being supported, but you’re just here to work on yourself, sincerely, whole-heartedly; that is what I mean by beautiful, perfect…(Continued on page 1.)