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Welcome to the Summer edition of Myoju.

Our theme is from Dogen Zenji’s Genjo-Koan: Flowers fall even though we love them; weeds grow even though we dislike them.

I don’t know but as far as I think, practice is the awareness that flowers fall even though we love them and weeds grow even though we dislike them. It’s just awareness of things coming and going, reality changing and emotions ebbing and flowing. That awareness is always there but it is shrouded by sensations and delusions and they are shrouded by language.

In a memorable Teisho talk from August 2011, Osho-sama said:

‘Enlightenment is realising the sort of state we are in, and not only realising but becoming free. So in other words, you become free from your world, from your language. That is one sign. Because you are free from your language, you can freely use it: not for your own sake, not for your own benefit but for the sake of reality. It is no longer your own possession. Before that, language is created by you for your convenience: to gain something, to support your opinions and ideas. Those kinds of things lose meaning after enlightenment. You become free from language.’

We hope you enjoy reading and wish you all a lovely, long summer.

Azhar Abidi On behalf of Ekai Korematsu Osho—Editor, and the Jikishoan Publication Committee

Tokozan Jikishoan