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A Vision for the Twenty-first Century Sangha

By 4 November 2014December 1st, 2014No Comments

Talk given by Ekai Osho Korematsu at the Tibetan Buddhist Society, Spring Festival, 10 November 2013

Buddha’s vision for life is based on his awakening. His awakening is not his personal awakening separate from the rest of the world. Real awakening is intimate, connected with the rest of the world. When you are awakened, the whole world appears. There’s no such thing as you awakened and the rest of the world asleep. So one person’s awakening is enough, actually. Buddha has awakened; at the same time the rest of the world appears in that vision. In that vision, what’s the rest of the world? Everything existing as it is; good and bad, right and wrong, without value judgment. Everything existing means that the very world we live in exists as it is without being affected by value judgments. As long as we are affected by value judgments and as long as we are tossed around by them, we have work to do. Buddha did exactly that.

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