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Formal and informal Zen meditation

By 4 November 2014December 1st, 2014No Comments

Talk given by Ekai Osho Korematsu at Sunday Sanzenkai, June 23, 2013

Community practice is called Bendoho. My feeling  about it is that it is silo-buster practice for everyone.  Usually we come to practice with ideas ‘my practice’, ‘my comfort zone’, ‘my mind is calm and clear’—let’s bust it together and see what happens. That’s what you don’t have in the individualistic ‘me, me, me’ culture. That’s what you need, society needs, and your life needs. You need to understand that Zen meditation comes that way. If you approach meditation properly oriented, then it’s joy. Other people’s joy is your joy and your joy is shared with others without talking or speaking too much about it. It’s like after good chanting, with one voice, you feel good, uplifted. You feel good together with everyone. That kind of experience is experiencing with the spirit of Bendoho. That kind of culture is not here. You need it. That’s what I think. I may be wrong though!

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