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The merit of hearing the Dharma, once sown as a seed in the fertile ground of the body-mind, has no moment of decay; sooner or later it will grow, and, with the passing of time, it is sure to bear fruit.

Shobogenzo: Mujo Seppo—The Non-emotional Preaches the Dharma

Welcome to Myoju magazine, the second in our series on Listening, with a focus on Cultivation.

In this edition we celebrate the Jikishoan Sangha and the many ways the Community continues to grow and develop. Our retreat #66 ended in early April, and the last two months have been spent reviewing our practice activities to-date and planning for the time ahead, especially for the coming seven-week retreat period beginning in early July. A Shuso Ryo has been formed to lead us in the next practice period and training is already underway for our Shuso, Marisha Rothman.

The Annual celebration of Jikishoan’s Foundation Day is featured in this issue, with a Dharma talk given by Ekai Osho on the importance of understanding where we have come from. There is a photo-essay of the Annual Sangha picnic held at Darebin Parklands and in Sangha News we have reports from Hannah Forsyth and Tony Crivelli on the establishment and growth of their practice communities in Berwick, Victoria and Canberra, A.C.T.

On behalf of the publications team, I wish to thank Sangetsu Carter for his practice in heading design and production of Myoju for the last two years. I have learned so much in working with him. Lachlan Macnish has completed his training with Sangetsu and has now taken on the role of Production Manager.


Margaret Kokyu Lynch — CoordinatorOn behalf of Ekai Korematsu Osho — Editor


Tokozan Jikishoan