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Training gives you the opportunity to transform yourself. 

You are ready, whether you live or die—taking birth, old age, and death as a matter of life; able to accept and make the best of this limited life.

—Ekai Osho

Welcome to the September 2021 edition of Myoju Magazine: Listening: Silence. This is a special issue featuring annual memorial tributes held at Tokozan Temple in July.

Each year, Ekai Osho pays special tribute to the Teachers who have passed. This July, memorial services were held to celebrate the lives and Dharma of Ikko Narasaki Roshi, his transmission teacher; Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi, his ordination teacher; Taiten Kaneta Roshi, Jikishoan’s Patron; and Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX, his dear Dharma colleague and friend. Members of the Soto Zen Sangha, students, family and friends joined Ekai Osho at Tokozan and online to remember and celebrate the lives and practice of each of these lineage holders. A memorial was also held for Ekai Osho’s dear friend, Suresh Prasad.

This edition is rich in the Dharma of these important teachers. Their words connect us through time and space to the greater lineage passed down from Shakyamuni Buddha. I thank Ekai Osho for bringing these teachings to our attention.

Each July, Ekai Osho gives a series of teachings at E-Vam Institute’s Winter Teaching Program in Melbourne. This year Osho taught on Zen Master Dogen’s Shushogi: What Is Truly Meant by Training and Enlightenment. A Dharma talk from the series is featured in this edition.

This edition of Myoju has been produced through the generosity and assistance of so many. I wish to thank Taio Kaneta Roshi for the portrait of Taiten Kaneta Roshi; Rev. Vanja Palmers of Felsentor House, Switzerland for permission to print Kobun Chino Roshi’s Dharma talk, Heart, and Nicholas Schossleitner for his skilled photography; Traleg Rinpoche’s Dharma talk, Sadhana of Mahamudra, is printed with the kind permission of E-Vam Institute; and, again, thanks to Ekai Osho for generously sharing the Dharma.