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The following is an excerpt from this issue:

“Suffering naturally comes when routine is broken. Of course suffering doesn’t come just by itself. Joy comes, excitement comes too and usually they don’t come together. They come with either tremendous excitement or suffering.”

Good evening. Please be comfortable, relax and face this way.

Welcome to Sanzenkai. This is our routine practice for Jikishoan members and friends. Those who come regularly are used to this form of practice.

Our practise is based on simple routines, like the routine activities we do every day, and if our routine can include meditation practice as part of it, that is wonderful. Our practice is not to get something out of it. You just do it. That is actually the essence of our practice. That is to practice Buddhism, to practice Dharma. Dharma in the sense of big ‘D’ not small ‘d’ doesn’t change. You just practice the routine forever, you know. What you get from it is naturally peace, security… (Continued on page 1.)

Jikishoan Tokozan