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The following is an excerpt from this issue:

“Just see the entire body of the ocean rising and falling, purely able to see that part, self forming that way, rising and falling, coming and going, not affected by peripheral things, starting to become more subtle, starting clearly to perceive how those shapes rise, fall – that moment.”

Good evening. How is everybody feeling? Positive…negative…neutral?

It is very important to notice these things, these feelings, and where the mind goes, before you get caught up with thoughts or emotions. Notice the feelings, the sensations…pleasant, not pleasant, neutral, or somewhere around these.

If we are able to settle our practice on that ground, are able to accommodate the rise and fall of feelings, we don’t have much of a problem. But, if we skip that process, it is a big problem. Feelings and sensations lead suddenly to thinking, formation, impulse, consciousness and ideas follow. If you hold on to these things, just a product of your mind, you have a problem.

It is the same with the rise and fall of feelings – negative to positive. You fall into something pleasant and positive, quickly make the jump and skip process and end up holding on to ideas like, ‘I must be enlightened! (laughs) I must be a good person – better than those others.’ You are totally holding on to the wrong thing – holding on to the deluded view about things…(Continued on page 1.)