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The following is an excerpt from this issue:

Question: I have a question about communication. Can you talk to us about expressing oneself freely? Sometimes, when you do that, you can become quite emotional and say things you might regret. Can you give us any advice as to how one might become more balanced in communication?

Answer: I would say just to be aware of the reaction, be aware of the quick reaction. If it is not reactionary, then it is free and kind of manageable. When all your thoughts are coming like storm-water, especially when you get emotional and too excited – if it is a happy situation, that’s alright, people think you are very happy and they appreciate that – but when it is a negative situation, a very confused situation – that is not so good.

Question: When dealing with other people and communicating with other people, when you come up against difficulties, the way to bring back the harmony and the harmonisation of working well with people, could you talk about that?

Answer: The first thing to realise is how you are communicating. Just check your body. Does your body feel comfortable? Is your breath deep and natural? Then you speak. If you check these two points and it is not quite right, if you have a lot of tension, ‘my breath is shallow, my voice is coming from here’ it doesn’t work. The technique is similar to sitting. If your body and mind are harmonised – you are ready to speak. You don’t need to worry about whether you make a mistake or not. Your capacity is great, whichever way it goes. But often times, the body and mind are separate and crunched in by thoughts and ideas. If you try to push too much it does not produce the best result…(Continued on page 1.)