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The following is an excerpt from this issue:

Question from the floor at Sunday Sanzenkai: “A friend who is a spiritual person has become depressed and feels that everything is meaningless; subsequently he is wondering about the meaning of life?”

Ekai Korematsu-Osho’s response: Congratulations! He has fallen into a cave, buried himself and has arrived at scepticism and cynicism. There is a need to overcome this. I can see that his practice has deepened.

When one practices long enough, at some point everything feels alright. We then wonder why we need to bother to practice. It is a classic case of delusion.

When a person talks about experiencing reality, they may think they see reality actually they have been drawn into a cave. It cannot be helped that people experience this. A person does not need to negate how he feels… (Continued on page 1)

Jikishoan Tokozan