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The following is an excerpt from this issue:

This is the last Sunday Sanzenkai in March, it is approaching the change of the season heading toward autumn. This time of the year is always good, it feels settled. I was thinking that this time of year eight years ago the Jikishoan organization was created. It was a busy time the committee worked so hard over a very short period within a couple of months. We set up everything, rules, incorporation, public liability etc. with lots of enthusiasm. At that stage initially there was only about twelve of us.

Jikishoan membership has been increasing steadily sice then and over this time and some people have left. So presently, I think we have about seventy registered members, with about the same number of registered friends. So all together, we have quite a large number of people involved and of course practice participation tends to be floating like a water plant and surviving in that way like frog sitting on a lotus with its leaves increasing… (Continued on page 1)

Jikishoan Tokozan