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Welcome to the forty-seventh issue of Myoju, the newsletter of the Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community in Melbourne, Australia.“Myoju”, means “Bright Pearl” and the inaugural Myoju was published in September 2000.
The seed, to have a 16 page newsletter with quality articles, was planted and germinated in a small zendo that Ekai Korematsu Osho had converted from a garage in April 1998. Over the past 12 years Myoju had eight editors who used their numerous and immense talents and skills to produce a major vehicle of information and teachings for members, friends and the wider community.
We acknowledge all the Editors for their skilful contributions: Seishin Georgia Nicholls, Leesa Davis,Gary Youston, Karen Threlfall, Alison Hutchison, Richard Henderson, Paul Harris and Renata Salajic.
In Year 2012, Myoju will be produced in the spirit of the theme chosen for the first issue, “beginning”. This March Myoju—a transitional issue—expresses the current circumstances, new developments, and changes within the Sangha.
Ekai Osho’s Teisho teaching on bowing as “acquiring the essence” reminds us of the importance of having, together with the Teacher, a broad collective vision whilst individually and passionately engaging in practice here and now for innovative changes to occur. Beginning with the June (Winter) edition, the Calender of Events and Teaching Schedule will merge into the body of Myoju.
Those on the mailing list will receive an e-copy of the calendar and teaching schedule, instead of paper copies. Myoju will be 16 pages when there are sufficient resources. This Year of the Dragon will bring energy, inspiration and wellbeing, just as Tsugen Narasaki Roshi (page 3)has greeted us with its significance.
Hannah Shudo Forsyth
Jisha: Teacher’s Attendant

Jikishoan Tokozan