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Welcome to the 49th edition of Myoju, the community newsletter and vehicle for the activities of Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community. It is in this edition, firstly, and with great sadness, that we remember the recent passing of The Venerable Traleg Kyabgo Rinpoche IX, on July 24 2012, founder of the Kebi E-Vam Institute in Carlton; who was both a friend of Ekai Osho and the Jikishoan Community. Our thoughts and prayers are with Traleg Rinpoche’s family and students who at this time, continue the 49 days of Puja ceremonies.
In the President’s Report, Mark Summers writes of the commemorative Sunday Sanzenkai Service was held in memory for Rinpoche and Andrew Holborn has kindly written a more personal account of his time as a student with Rinpoche at the Kebi E-Vam Institute in Melbourne. Ekai Osho once more shares the ocean of his wisdom and gentle guidance in the Dharma talk entitled ‘Zen and the Reality Within’, where we are encouraged to embrace flexibility within the practice, to dissolve the separation between the external world and the internal reality; and return to the simplicity of just being, just acting, as it is, in the present moment—that’s all. We express our depth of gratitude to our teacher for his endless kindness, patience and generosity in bringing the Dharma and practice to us. And on the other side of the coin, Ekai Osho shares his ‘heart-felt gratitude and humble appreciation’ in his article entitled, ‘The Power of Dreams: Failure—the Secret to Success’ in response to the community’s concern and funds raised to assist after his car accident in May this year; and shares the parallels in his life with Honda and its founder.
Once more, appreciation and sincere thanks to everyone who supported in whatever way they could to assist Ekai Osho with the purchase of a suitable car to replace the one damaged in the accident.
In the president’s report on page 6, Mark also writes of the Members Day Ceremony, the dana presentation to Ekai Osho of funds raised after the car accident and the current preparations for the fourteenth Annual General Meeting that is coming up.
On page 9, Don Brown shares his reflections of Ekai Osho’s Winter Lectures, ‘On the Great Practice (Daishugyo)’ from Shobogenzo by Zen Master Dogen, which were held on Saturday 4 August, at the Yeshe Nyima Centre in Sydney, where Osho Sama also provided a reflection on the lives of three great teachers who have passed a way in recent times, including Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX, who was also the spiritual director of the Yeshe Nyima Centre.
On page 12, Katherine Yeo shares her experiences on Zen training and practice at Toshoji Monastery; a wonderful account and insight for those who may be considering spending some time practicing in Japan.
On page 10, Naomi Richards, Jikishoan Treasurer, reports on the establishment of the Abbot’s Support Fund, which as she comments, was born out of adversity and created to support the various activities of the Abbott of Jikishoan, and in order to create a sustainable future for Jikishoan.
The Education News on the page 7 updates us on the educational activities that have occurred recently and those to come; the Soto Kitchen on page 18 provides us with two more delicious recipes to try; the Calendar of Events and Teaching Schedule on page 19 and 20 outlines the activities that are to occur in the months to come. On page 11, a delightful piece has been provided by Elizabeth Summers about her and Mark’s recent trip to Japan in April, and commencing on page 16, two articles from Ekai Osho offering a sincere remembrance and dedicating this issue of Myoju, to his master Ikko Naraski Roshi. With this in mind we are ever grateful and encouraged by Zen Master Dogen’s words in that: ‘All that is visible springs from causes intimate to you. While walking, sitting, lying down, the body itself is complete truth. If someone asks the inner meaning of this: “Inside the treasury of dharma eye a single grain of dust.”’
Gassho Karen Tokuren Threlfall, Myoju Coordinator
On behalf of the Editorial Board