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In a world emphasising individualism, contribution often goes unnoticed.

Yet, it is vital for the growth, success, and sustainability of communities, organisations, and groups. This edition of Myoju further explores the theme of contribution and delves into being a member, recognising its potential to shape individuals and the collective.

Teishin Shona Innes, a Jikishoan member since 2005, shares her insights in the feature article ‘Feeding the Fire: A Journey of Practice and Discovery’, highlighting the Zen training in Japan, and the benefits of being a contributing member. Her monastic ordination led her to channel passion and effort towards monastic routine practices, realising the impact of actions on the greater good. This sense of purpose and direction brings profound fulfilment beyond individualism.

Being a contributing member transforms lives and nurtures communities. As we explore this theme, we uncover the power of collective efforts and the value of everyone’s contribution.

Together, we can create a world where the spirit of contribution is cherished and celebrated.

Ekai Korematsu—Editor